Friday, September 7, 2012

My first Windows 8 app

Learn from an Android app of my friend, I decided to implement it on Windows 8. The app was named "Baby Learns to Write" ("Bé yêu học viết" in Vietnamese). Its purpose is helping the children learn how to write single Vietnamese characters and numbers. The child will "draw" the characters and numbers on a Windows 8 tablet's touch screen. The "picture" can be saved or shared.
Here is the road map
  • Providing simple navigation between characters and numbers to draw
  • Possible to "draw", of course
  • Possible to select color to draw (black, red, blue or green)
  • Providing advanced navigation between characters and numbers
  • The UI looks more "candy" (The app is for children, right? I'm just a developer so I'm not sure how much I can do for designing, but I will try my best)
  • Save as picture
  • Providing words to describe the characters (maybe with audio)
  • Share the "picture" via email
  • Providing "drawing" instruction by animation (maybe)
The app is not too complicated but I only do it in my spare time. I expect to finish version 1.0 before Windows 8 GA on October 26. If possible, it will available on Windows Store.
More to come.
BTW, thanks Hai for giving the idea and app's resources.

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