Monday, April 29, 2013

V-Place 1.0 is available on Windows Phone Store

It took about one month for development, beta testing, submission and fixing bug, now V-Place 1.0 is available on Windows Phone Store.

In this version, you can:

  • Take/open pictures
  • Add effects
  • Save pictures to device
  • Share pictures to Facebook

You can get V-Place 1.0 using the link or QR code below

One bug I found out after releasing: The app shows a message which mentions that application location service setting is disabled even it is enable by default. It will be fixed soon.

If you can't wait for new version, there is a workaround. You only need to open settings from start page via settings menu item, then navigate back to start page.

What's next?

  • 1.1 will come with bug fixes and improvement.
  • 1.5 will come later with new features.

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