Saturday, July 31, 2010

More room to work

One 24" monitor seems is too cramped for me, especially when I plan to do some design things, so I decide to buy another one. It must be a Dell UltraSharp because currently I'm using 2405 FPW and I'm in love with it.

An UltraSharp 24" monitor is too expensive for me (about 13.5 million VietNam dong, and next month I need to spend a lot of money for my daughter, my wife will give a birth this September), so a 23" one which costs only a half is fitting my budget. That's why I decide to buy a U2311H.

As you can see, the U2311H is slightly smaller than the 2405 FPW. The color of U2311H seems a bit colder than in 2405 FPW. But over all, I satisfy with it.

Now is the time to work :-)

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