Monday, July 22, 2013

Weather Tag Pro 2.3 is available on Windows Phone Store and what will coming with v2.5

A few days ago, Weather Tag Pro version 2.3 appeared on Windows Phone Store. This version supports Italian in full. Yes, it means the photo editor supported Italian. In addition, a new feature that many people want to have, editing place, is included in this version also.

As I mentioned before, I expected that version 2.5 to be released in a few weeks. Now I would like to announce that Weather Tag Pro 2.5 will support square pictures. It means you can take and create pictures with weather information in all the ways you like (portrait, landscape and square) :-) Of course, Weather Tag Pro 2.5 will come with improvements and bug fixes also.

Hope that you will love, use and support Weather Tag Pro.

Cheers :-)

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