Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's new in Weather Tag Pro 2.2?

In previous post, I mentioned that version 2.5 of Weather Tag Pro will available in a few weeks. But there is an accidental problem, Microsoft asked me to pull Weather Tag Pro from Windows Phone store due to a non-technical problem. Yesterday I summitted a fix (version 2.2) and hope that Microsoft will make it available soon. In addition to the fix, Weather Tag Pro will have an important improvement. Together with English and Vietnamese (my native language), from version 2.2, Weather Tag Pro will support Italian.

Why Italian? Because an Italian is mad with me and rated Weather Tag Pro 2 stars because I didn't support Italian. Just kidding :-) At this time, Weather Tag Pro was reviewed by 5-6 people and most of them are from Italia. I see Italia as a potential market and I hope Italian will love and use Weather Tag Pro :-)


BTW, again, I'm not an Italian. I'm a Vietnamese :-)

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